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Exceptional products deserve an exceptional presentation.
Capabilities that exceed expectations.
We have a ferocious dedication to deliver on your needs to the maximum degree, no matter what your timing is.
Motive Marketing- the ultimate one stop shop for your marketing needs.



Who We Are

MOTIVE is a point of sale and marketing company specializing in beverage alcohol. We work exclusively for manufacturers and marketers of beverage alcohol. We service some of the largest and some of the smallest brands in the world, both getting the full measure of our attention and capabilities.

MOTIVE staff consists of seasoned professionals with senior level experience in all key Brand Marketing disciplines. We’ve been brand managers and sales managers, creative directors, marketing directors, printing and production managers. We have as much experience in the field as we do in the boardroom. This breadth of experience means that the programs MOTIVE develops will always give you the means to create tangible success in the only place it matters – the Real World.


Point of Sale

We create Point of Sale designed to make a big impact at retail, driving purchase and brand equity seamlessly. Whether the initiative is large or small, seasonal or flow, Motive has the experience and expertise to deliver the right Point of Sale on time and on budget, even under less than perfect conditions.


We create permanent, semi-permanent and temporary displays for some of the most recognizable names in the beverage alcohol industry. Our display work receives the highest marks from brand managers, retailers and distributors. Motive creates everything from single case bins to dimensional units with effects like motion and media.


Motive has been developing brand packaging for more than two decades, creating everything from primary package designs to promotional and gift packaging. We know how to apply your brand standards to suit any situation, maximizing both brand recognition and your retail opportunity.


We have been creating award winning collateral for more than 20 years. Motive has the ability to design and execute an introductory presentation piece for your next brand launch, a passport styled handout to support a loyalty program, tasting mats for an on premise event or sell sheets and brochures to educate both consumers and the trade.

Bottle Neckers

Motive is one of the premier suppliers for beverage alcohol bottle neckers in the country. If you go to any retailer, you are almost guaranteed to see our work. We understand not only how to make your bottle necker capture consumers' attention, but also how to ensure that it functions as it should when it gets to the cash register. Anyone who has ever struggled trying to get their agency to do bottle neckers properly will appreciate how easy it is to do bottle neckers with Motive.

Trade Support

Motive provides account and distributor specific programming and support, as well as trade advertising services to leading brands in the beverage alcohol category.

Clearing House Services

Motive offers full service fulfillment for IRCs, MIRs, SLOs, sweepstakes, contests and other promotions. Our rates are very competitive, and we offer a level of response and control impossible to find at institutional fulfillment houses. We're known for having the strictest fraud prevention in the industry.

Production Services

The cornerstone of our business is our capability in coordinating production, manufacturing and fulfillment. Decades of hands-on experience gives us the ability to manufacture whatever we can conceptualize. At Motive, production timelines that once took months now take days.


Motive Marketing is now offering Warehousing Services!



Capture your VISION

Make a statement without saying a word.

Our creative team is made up of experienced designers, 3D artists, and creative directors who will work side by side with our clients in order to conceptualize and develop original attention-grabbing ideas. No project is too big or too small for our team of seasoned professionals.

Our Work

Meet Our Founders


Greg Fisher

Founder & CEO

Greg is one of the leading Spirit and Wine brand builders in the country, creating a platform for brands to launch and progressively grow in the United States. He has spent over 25 years working with the most recognized consumer brands in the world. He is recognized throughout the Adult Beverage Industry as being the expert on in-store promotion and point of sale development. Greg started his career with high level marketing & sales positions at Kraft Foods, PepsiCo. and Colgate Palmolive. Following his success in the corporate world, he saw an opportunity to take his expertise to the private sector.


Keith Barnes

Founder & Creative Director

Keith has been working in the beverage alcohol space for over 25 years. With the inception of Motive in 2001, he has spent the last 18 years working exclusively with spirits, wine and beer producers, marketers and retailers. He specializes in branding, in-store marketing, packaging, display and promotion ideation and has had the good fortune to work with some of the most celebrated and recognized alcohol brands in the world. He has also developed and produced award-winning and internationally recognized distilled spirits in the craft distilling sector. Keith started his career in brand advertising but quickly recognized that the strategic and brand-centric approach employed in that discipline could be applied with great success to branded marketing and building the consumer franchise in the retail space. The pursuit of this process was the genesis of Motive.

Our clients

We service some of the largest and some of the smallest brands in the world.


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